Discipline Restrictions Visits

1. Residents will meet visitors only in the lounge/Common Room/Dining Room. The visitors will not be allowed access to their rooms. Visiting Hours for guests will be restricted from 4.p.m. to -7.30 p.m. daily and on Sundays & Gazettcd Holidays from 9 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Access into the Rooms by the visitors will only be allowed in some special circumstances but not without the express permission of the manager in writing which will be recorded in a Register. Timings arc subject to change in winter and summer months and will be ratified by the Management Committee as and when and if so required.

2. The Rooms/Dormitories will be regularly inspected by the Management Committee at any time. If any misuse of residence is observed the resident can be asked to vacate. Residents will not be allowed to bring own Furniture & Fixture, Appliances/ Gadgets without prior written permission of the Management Comtnittee. Inmates shall be responsible for proper use of facilities/fixtures provided. Any breakage and disfiguring due to careless use have to be made good to the satisfaction of the Management Cotnmittee. The office telephone can be used in an unavoidable situation, on payment of the existing tariff.

3. Resident will be required to give prior intimation to the Manager before going out of the Home by recording time out & time in & address where they can be contacted in times of need. This will more explicitly apply in the event of stay out at night or for out of station visits intimating possible duration of stay.

• Residents will not be allowed to keep pets in the premises of the Home. No responsibility will be taken by the management for loss of cash or valuables or any other articles belonging to any resident or visitor. Inmates will themselves be responsible for the safety of their cash or valuables and other personal belongings. They are advised not to keep such items without proper security to avoid risk and development of unpleasant situations.

• Catering arrangement will be available for the inmates on payments basis. No inmate shall be allowed to cook within the premises and use any kind of intoxicants/ drugs within thc premises. No intoxicant I drugs of any kind should be brought in to the premises. No inmate or visitor will be allowed or tolerated to come within the premises in an inebriated condition to cause any embarrassment, inconvenience I offence to other inmates I visitors.
Any violation of this will attract disciplinary action and cancellation of license to stay will be considered and enforced by the Executive Committee.

• Gambling within the premises or playing any games with stakes arc strictly prohibited and any violation will attract the action from the management.

• Residents will not be allowed to bring/keep servants in the premises.

• Residents will not be allowed to bring their own vehicles in the home.

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