Eligibility and Accommodation

(1) This home is open to admission for ordinary Senior citizens preferably from Delhi, without any distinction of caste, creed or gender; whether single or couple on the basis of Pay-for Stay. Rooms to thc economically weak Senior citizens may be provided in Donnitory at subsidized charges or free living. Senior Citizens over 60 years of age who, due to adverse circumstances beyond their control like absence of physical, emotional or financial cam of the collateral, will bc considered for admission. The resident will be welcome to stay so long he/she strictly abides by .the Rules and Regulations/ limitations/ parameters so prescribed by the Executive Committee

(2) The Governing Body/Management Committee will consist of President, General Secretary, Sr Vice President, Vice President Secretary, Jt Secretary, Project Director and Finance Advisor, Treasurer a Medical Member and the Administrator who will act as a Coordinator. In addition, two Members from the Executive Committee shall be elected every year as Members but the same Member shall not hold office for more than two years consecutively. Whenever a situation arises in absence of the above, an office-bearer in the same discipline in descending rank will represent the Exofficio Member to enable conduct of business before the Governing Body/Management Committee. If so necessitated the President will have the vested privilege of exercising a casting vote in any given situation.

(3) The accommodation is available on the basis of payment of a fixed Licenses plus electricity charges extra as per consumption fee for the Rooms and for thc Dormitorics, there are 10 Single Bedded, 20 Double Bedded, 6 Four Bedded Rooms besides Staff Rooms and Guest Rooms etc. Application Fonns together with copy of Rules & Regulations for Admission can be obtained on payment of Rs 50/- (non-refundable). Thc Governing Body/Executive Committee will make thc Selection for Admission. The Applicant should not be suffering ng from any serious physical disability or any chronic/communicable ailment requiring constant medical attention.

(4) The Applicant may be called for personal interview at their own expense and asked to furnish information/additional documents as and when, and if so, required before admission or even subsequent to admission. The applicant will be informed about selection in writing. If the applicant does not occupy accommodation within one month, the offer will be treated as cancel led automatically.

• The Application and Undenaking or Affidavit duly attested by the area magistrate must be made together with documents as proof of being Delhi resident, 2 Recent Passport size photographs, 2 References from responsible citizens ( preferably one from last employer. if retired from service), Certificate of health from Govt./Municipal Hospital, Information on Financial Status (Proof of regular Income/ Pension authority/Income Tax Return/acceptable surety) An Application not complete in all respects is liable to be rejected. The decision of the Executive committee shall be final and binding.

• Subsequent to allotment a resident is not allowed to change Rooms/Beds without prior written permission from the Management Committee, which is also competent to make re-allotments. The Allotment shall be on the basis of first come first. The Management shall have all rights to change any Rules and Regulations without giving any notice and complainant shall have no objection to the same.

Kamla Bakshi Elders Homes Society

Plot PSPF-4, Sector-17, Dr. K.N. Katju Marg, Rohini, New Delhi-110089 Adjacent to (MCD/Reservation office)

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