1. The Home provides recreational facilities as well as Reading Room and a small Library for the inmates. Books may be got issued after recording in the registers tnaintained for the purpose and returned in reasonable time at thc discretion of thc management. Loss or damage is chargeable as assessed by the management.

2 The Home will maintain Medical and I lealth Care facilities in Ayurvedic /Homeopathic/ Allopathic medicine as an outdoor facility on payment or otherwise as defined by the tnanagement. Arrangements will be made for emergency Medical Aid or in serious cases, removal of the inmate to sick Rooms or to some Private/Municipal/Govt. Hospital for which the resident will have to reimburse the expenditure incurred by the management who will have full discretion to utilize the security deposit of the resident in such an event.

3. All residents must specify at the time of admission particulars of a Relative I next of Kin I a Caring Friend or associate in Delhi or elsewhere who can bc contactcd in casc of an emergency and who can be helpful in removing the inmate from be Home if prolonged and medical attendance is required. Any change in such name shall be notified by the resident if need be. Full addresses of such contacts with telephone numbers I e-mail address/ fax numbers or any other special instnictions etc. may be recorded in the application at the time of admission. If no such natne is given by the applicant for such Relative/next of Kin, I Caring Fricnd or Association and is not available at time of need then in that event the decision of the Managing Cominittee shall be final and binding upon the inmates. Residents are expected to possess one or the other talents. good fellow feelings and fathomless experience, will please surely. come with selfless etnotions to pull up in any such situation and afford relief to fellow inmates as brothers and sisters.

4. Some shopping convenience will be made available to meet ordinary daily needs. The authorities would meet the postal needs by setting up Mail Board I Oak corner, services of barber and laundry on payment basis. Other domestic services will be provided by the management. The Home has a calm and peaceful environment and greenery; the inmates can avail themselves of these facilities and may devote time to improve the environtnent within the premises. 5. The premises have Security staff round the clock at Entry and Exit points. Vehicles, if any, of the inmates or visitors would be entered at the Gate Register. All should cooperate if security needs to check movements of vehicles, cycles or pedestrian s. Inmates will be issued Identity Cards with special medical information on the backside which they are expected to carry on person.

Kamla Bakshi Elders Homes Society

Plot PSPF-4, Sector-17, Dr. K.N. Katju Marg, Rohini, New Delhi-110089 Adjacent to (MCD/Reservation office)

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