License Fee & Allied conditions

(1) The license fee and other du. are as follows:

a.) Single Bed Room Rs. 13500/pm
b.) Double Bed Room Rs. 10500/pm
c.) Preference to married couples seeking admission othenvise to Two single males or females for the double becl room@ Rs 10500/pm each
d.) Dormitory Rs. 7000/pm per Bed.
e.) Admission fee Rs.4000 for the rooms & for Dormitory Bed.

NOTE: The Home will provide some free Boarding & Lodging to genuine and to needy persons after scrutiny by the Governing Body/Executive Committee.

Further subsidy at the discretion of Executive Committee can be considered. Every month's License Fee is to be deposited by the residents in advance by 10th of every month. A late fee of Rs 50/- per day would be levied. Nonpayment of dues by the end of the month would render any resident to have the license to stay cancelled. The License fee may be revised by the Executive Committee without any prior notice and will be binding on all the inmates from the date specified. Membership of the mess will be COMPUL SORY. The Home would serve food in the space earmarked as Dining Room or at other place at the discretion of the management due to any special circumstances of the inmate. The Home kitchen will provide only normal vegetarian food. However, resident may obtain non-vegetarian preparation from outside without causing any embarrassment to fellow inmates, if required and pre scribed to the resident by the medical practitioner.

• A Refundable Security Deposit as follows will have to be made by cheque I Bank Draft Payable at Delhi only against Official Receipt on allotment of accommodation.

a) Single Room Rs 100000/-
b) Double Room Rs. I ,50,000/-(75,000 per bed)
c) Dormitory bcd Rs. 50,000/- (per bed)

Small AC, dessert cooler, Personal computer or electrical appliances like Room heater, may be used by Inmates with written permission ofAuthority against payment of extra charges as fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time as also for any structural damages during installation, removal or usage.

Kamla Bakshi Elders Homes Society

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