The resident is a mere licensee and has no exclusive possession of the Room or the Bed or items provided in the Home. The management and over-all control of the Home premises is with the Executive Committee of ELDERS HOME SOCIETY(Regd). The resident uses the premise s with the express and tacit permission of the Executive Committee.

• Resident is bound to move to any other room I bed when called upon to do so. The resident will have to leave the Home immediately on cancellation of license to stay. In this regard, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on the Residents.

• In the event of death, the next of kin or the persons mentioned by the Resident at the time of admission for being informed in any emergency would be required to take the body for final rites, unless, there are written instmctions to the contrary. In an unfortunate event if a resident dies and there is no collateral to take care. the Home authorities may make arrangements of funeral as indicated.by the residents in the application form at the time of admission. Expenses incurred thereon would be deducted out of the Security Deposit and any balances would go towards Donation to the corpus fund of the I tome. The residents will accept this clause as a part of his will.

• The charges at departure will be a.) Half months' charges for period of stay between 1st to 15th day of every English Calendar Month. b.) Full months charges for period of stay beyond 16th to last day of English Calendar Month.

• The Executive Committee is vested with powers to make amendments in any clauses of the Rules and Regulations stated above depending on the persisting situations without notice.

• Any dispute, if raised by any resident, will be decided by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.

• All disputes subject to only Delhi Courts jurisdiction.

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